The Path Plan

The Path Plan is a 3 step system that will help us transform your struggles with change into amazing opportunities. 


This is more than a life coaching program.  Together we work through a 3 part process to give you perspective, healing, transformation and help you get from where you are (facing changes), to considering your options and travelling the journey to your next destination.


This 3 step plan will help you organize your home to give you a great environment and clean up your foundation.  It works with you and/or your family to make great decisions on the journey, keeping the destination in mind.  It will also help transform your business journey to have more life, more flexibility and better customer relations.  Using this 3 step plan, together we can transform your changes and situations into opportunities.


The Path Plan is based on 3 concepts:

~You come upon several paths options in your walk of life, but before you can decide you have to be ready.

Foundations of change: getting to the bottom of your feelings about the change and helping you build a solid foundation for the change.

~Once you've gotten your bearings, you can consider the paths that change has introduced to you. 

Considering the available paths: change is inevitable, so properly evaluating your options is essential.

~Finally, choosing a path and beginning the journey down it. 

Preparing for your chosen journey: making a choice, and empowering you to make the journey down your chosen path.


I'm sure you're wondering where you will arrive once you've travelled down your chosen path and gone over the hill, maybe you think you have a destination in mind.  The honest truth is, it is impossible to know exactly what your destination will look like as you travel your chosen change path.  But, the Path Plan prepares you for whatever amazing destination awaits you.


It's your change, your journey and your life.  Are you ready to make the most of it?


Pick Your Path

There are 3 different Paths available, ranging from basic to serious journeying.


Track Plan:

This plan will give you the opportunity to speak or meet with me monthly, for 30 minutes, and you'll have weekly assignments emailed to you that are tailored to your needs, desires and goals.  This plan includes unlimited email and texting support. 

~This is a 30 day subscription for $75 (less than $3 per day!)


Hills Plan:

This plan features 30 minute bi-weekly conversations, plus weekly assignments that will help you meet your goals. This plan includes unlimited email and texting support.

~This is a 30 day subscription for $150 (less than $5 per day!)


Serious Mountain Climbing Plan:

This deluxe plan includes 1 weekly 30 minute conversation with me, weekly assignments that will help you meet your goals, and unlimited email and texting support. 

~This is a 30 day/4 week plan for $300 (less than $10 per day)


Visit the FAQ pages for questions I get asked frequently.

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I also can work with you on an individual session basis. 

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Track Courses

10 Daily Habits course: These 10 time-sensitive habits will help you change and improve your life; you time, grow time, work time, love time, planning time, connection time, contribution time, clean up time, pause time and health time. 


Basics of being a Role Model/Leadership course:  Want to know how to be a better parent, spouse, community partner or individual?  This course will help you quickly understand what REAL leadership is, how leadership really works in 2010, and ways you can develop the qualities of a leader in your life.  This leadership course has 7 sections: yourself, actions, participation, others, mistakes, humility, and celebration. 


Children course:  Whether you have children or teens, this will help you be a better parent, friend, communicator and guide for them.  This course is divided into three sections, a parents section, a children section and a working together section. 


Communication course:  Learn how to effectively communicate, how great communication can effectively improve your relationships, the biggest mistakes people make with communication and more.  You will learn the facts, components, and challenges of communication, as well as the art of how to communicate effectively and triumph of communication. 


Dealing with Change course:  With the guarantee of change in your life, it is essential to be able to deal with and respond to change.  Learn effective ways to deal with change, make change work for you and how to implement change in areas of your life.  This course is divided into 4 sections: what is change, how change works, planning for change, and when reality intervenes. 


Inside You course:  Every day you deal with your emotions, thoughts, intentions, attitude, self-esteem, confidence, limits and motivation.  This unprecedented 8 session course helps you understand what goes on inside your head, how to better work with yourself and be true to who you are, all while interacting with others.   


Jump Start course:  With Jump Start you will look at your values, commitments, actions, others, talent/abilities, growth, cleaning up, spending, a reality check, and giving back.  Looking at your life from this perspective will help you understand why things aren't working as you would like them to, ways you can improve, and what you can and cannot change.   In each session you will be guided through settings some immediate and long-term goals as well as givin resources and tips to help you live a fuller and happier life. 


Relationship course: Relationships are what make the world go 'round.  Whether you are at a fork in the road, looking to get closer, or frustrated with relationships, this course will help you not only get what you want out of the relationship, but help you be more sensitive to your partner's needs.  With 30 amazing topics that will help you no matter where you are in relationships, you are guided through checking where you are, understanding what makes a relationship great and resources and action points to help you make changes. 


Spiritual courses:  Course 1 is a character study on Joseph, David, Ruth, Jonah, and Jesus.  You will be taken through their journey, their experiences, lessons and their interactions.  Each study will include additional resources and discovery questions to help you learn from their stories. 

Course 2 will cover four areas: consistency, deeper Spirituality, learning about yourself and relating to the world.  Each lesson will feature tips, resources and help you implement each of the four areas in your life. 


Time and Finances course:  If you're ready to take a look at how you spend your time and money, this course is the perfect resource for you!  The first group of sessions help you understand your relationship with, understanding of and planning of time.  The second group of sessions help you look at your finances including your income, debts, spending and future planning. As a part of the sessions, you will be guided through several systems and options that will help you get back in control of your time and money.