Take Back Your Home!!

Look familiar??

Staying or getting organized is HARD for many people, BUT it doesn't have to be.


Whether you're too busy to do it yourself or don't know where to get started, I can help!



*I specialize in closets, space planning, offices and paper management, kitchens,
kid's rooms, books, and clean-outs.* 


In just ONE visit you will feel happier, see less clutter,

and be on your way to having a home you can



I will either:

-Work with you to organize your home and show you my easy to follow techniques for keeping your home organized and calm long after our session(s).


-Organize your house or closets to your specifications.  We can set up a schedule or you can contact me for follow-up visits as needed. 


Working with me, Testimonial, FREE organizing guide!

My initial consultation with you in your home is FREE!


At that time we will discuss exactly what your hopes and dreams for your home are.  I will give you an estimate of how long it will take for me or us to do the work. 


Chances are that you ALREADY have EVERYTHING needed to organize your home.  So, unless you really want to purchase items to help with the organization, you probably won't have to!


For an investment of $20 per hour you recieve excellent, high quality service that is also sensitive to all economic situations. 


Contact me below or call me at 201-741-4157 to schedule your free consultation or to find out more!


(*I do free consultations within 15 miles of Waldwick, NJ, any further than that I require a $60 deposit at the time of the free consultation)



I have never met anyone as capable as Laura. As a busy, working mom of young children, I needed someone who could help me sort it all out: the kids, the house, the appointments, and all the details of daily life that become hard to manage and remember when you're stressed and pressed for time. Laura calmly, pleasantly, and without fanfare filled in the gaps: she had all sorts of daily tasks completed before I even remembered they were necessary and she came up with some absolutely brilliant ideas to make my life run more smoothly. She's an organizing machine who never forgets details and synthesizes what she knows about a situation to construct useful solutions. She is wise beyond her years, a pleasure to chat with, and would be an asset to anyone needing fresh ideas about their life.

~Amanda, Ridgewood, NJ


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