Do You Dread Family Time?

Are You Frustrated in Your Marriage?


Do you:


Struggle with communication?

Want to have healthier relationships?

Need to make decisions about or strengthen your marriage?

Have trouble with your finances?

Want to be a better role model for your kids?



Get ready to save your family and

improve your lives!

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You can book a session to work on:


Financial planning, saving money on groceries, 2012 planning,

whole living and health, home and family organization,

relationship coaching and family communication.




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I have worked closely with Laura Dickey for the past three years.  In that time I have come to admire her dedication and organization.  Laura clearly knows and understands what is developmentally appropriate for children at all different ages and stages.  Laura draws upon the strengths of each student to help him/her reach their fullest potentially socially, emotionally, and academically.
~Wendy P, AfterSchool Director, Eastern Christian Schools



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